Seller's Guide: Preparing Your Interior

Step Two: Bring the best out of your home

Top 5 Scents People Love

1. Citrus

Fruits like lemons and oranges smell fresh and are longer-lasting scents that say “clean.”

2. Herbs

Using rosemary, thyme or basil, especially in the kitchen, will create a warm and welcoming feeling for buyers.

3. Vanilla

Grab a vanilla candle or make your own scent using vanilla beans or extract.

4. Green Tea

Green tea is used to help restore harmony.

5. Pine and cedar

These are especially nice to use during the holidays and winter months.


The overall condition of the bathroom is important to buyers. Be sure your bathroom has working faucets, toilets  and lights.

  • Fix dripping faucets and shower heads

  • Replace a broken toilet seat

  • Replace an old toilet with a water saving model

  • Clean sinks and shower drains

  • Organize linen closet and drawers

  • Remove all personal items

  • Re-caulk tubs and sink

  • Deep clean around the base of the toilet to remove any discoloration

  • Replace bathroom rugs and linens with clean, new towels

  • Update your shower curtain and buy a clean liner that is free from mildew

Bathrooms are a space that many buyers pay special attention to as it is an essential part of what makes a home feel cozy. A dirty or unkempt bathroom can quickly make buyers think twice about whether or not they’d feel comfortable in your home.

Paying attention to the details in your home can help you see problems that the buyers might notice and eliminate them before they arrive.

A fresh scent

With the very first step inside your home, smell has an impact - make it work to your advantage.

  • Open windows to let in fresh air

  • Grind a lemon in the garbage disposal for a fresh scent

  • Add fresh cut flowers

  • Wash walls and cabinets

  • Place a box of baking soda in the refrigerator and closets

  • Remove litter boxes and pet beds

Peace and quiet

The best sound to a buyer is peace and quiet. If you feel your house is too silent, playing non-offensive, soft music is okay. Be aware of possible noises and avoid them during a showing.

  • Barking dogs and noisy children

  • Lawnmowers and other outdoor equipment

  • Clanging pipes and loud appliances

  • Loud music

  • Squeaky floors and steps

Bring in the light

Natural light is something every buyer wants a lot of in a home. Open window treatments and let natural light shine in.

  • Open drapes and blinds (remove those that will not be sold with the house)

  • Trim bushes that block sunlight

  • Check that light bulbs work

  • Paint waits a light neutral color

Focus on the kitchen

Many people consider the kitchen the center of the home, and its condition can have a major impact on your home’s value. If your appliances are old and outdated, replace at least one with a new energy efficient model - new appliances are an important feature to home buyers.

  • Remove small appliances and other clutter from the counter

  • Clean appliances inside and out

  • Repair or replace a damaged countertop

  • Freshen walls with a new coat of paint

  • Organize contents of kitchen cabinets and drawers

  • Remove window coverings to let in more light

  • Fix leaky faucets

  • Empty dishwasher and recycling bins



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