Upgrade to a Bigger House

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We are RE/MAX Town Center real estate brokers that specialize in helping people move into bigger homes. We match our client's unique needs with a new home so they can unpack, expand, and unwind! If you're looking for a bigger home, Connect with us!

Looking for a bigger home?

Common Reasons to Upgrade

Growing Family

Expanding your family is exciting and one of the first considerations is housing as you begin to wonder how long you can stay in your current home before it begins to feels too small.

Kids Starting School

Many families continue to live in a smaller home while their kids are young, but may choose to move near the time their kids are beginning school so they can enroll them in a different school district that fits their needs.

Working From Home

Remote work or self-employment has a lot of benefits in terms of flexibility, however when your home becomes your office, a small house can start feeling cluttered and cramped. A new home with an extra bedroom can make a great home office.

Utilities and Amenities

Small homes, condos, apartments, and town homes may lack certain utilities such as a washer and dryer set, attached garage, or ample kitchen space.

Hobbies and Workshop Space

It is hard to be a woodworker from a third story condo building with no garage or studio. Needing space to develop a hobby or keep your parts car in a garage is a reason to look for a bigger home.

Outdoor Space and Pets

Window gardening only keeps plant lovers happy for so long. If you'd love space to grow vegetables, keep chickens, let your dog run, or put in a fire pit, consider the benefits of shopping for a new home!


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